10 Top Manual Handling Tips

Many employees are unaware of the physical risks involved in their jobs and injuries often occur due to lack of training.

A third of all injuries in the workplace reported to the HSA are caused by manual handling tasks, and those injuries are a leading cause of work disability.

Use these handy tips to stay safe when lifting heavy loads. If you require Manual Handling Certification then you can book our training course here

Use a mechanical lifting aid wherever possible.

It is far safer to use a lift, jack, trolley or even wheelbarrow than your own body for heavy lifting.

Work on flat ground

Always work from a stable flat platform. This gives you a much more controllable lift.

Keep the load close

When lifting a heavy load keep it as close to your body as possible. This gives you more control and less strain on your arms, shoulders and lower back.

No twisting when lifting.

Avoid twisting your back when lifting. Use your feet to adjust your position and keep your back straight.

You are not a superhero.

Know and understand your lifting limits. If it looks or feels too heavy then get some help or use a lifting device.

Plan the lift in advance.

A bit of planning goes a long way. Make sure there are no obstacles where you intend to lift. Have a clear path and plan before you start.

Bend your knees.

Make sure and bend your knees when lifting. Use the power of your upper legs to do the hard work and not the small of your back.

Head up

Keeping your head up when lifting does a few important things. It keeps your back straight but also lets you see where you are going.

Wear suitable clothing.

Loose baggy clothing or shoes that don’t fit are far from ideal when it comes to heavy lifting.

Push not pull.

It is far safer to push a load instead of pulling it along. Just make sure you can see where you are going at all times.