Sales Skills.

Sales Training Programme

The aim of this Sales Skills workshop is to refresh and upskill the Field Sales Reps to aid them to sell on value and not just on price. This workshop will help them to go back to the basics of selling and to uncover the real needs of the customer, handle objections and close the sale.

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This programme is aimed at Sales staff who are looking to build their confidence and skills in selling both by phone and face to face. Helping them to increase their success in making appointments and meetings face to face with their clients and presenting confidently once there.

The training, holistic in its approach combines theory with practice and provides an opportunity for participants, to experience the benefits of implementing behaviours and process, see the benefits through demonstration of previous knowledge and apply them during various individual and group exercise.

There will be evaluations through discussion at the end of each module and again at the end of the programme. This programme focuses on providing participants with the know how to implement consultative sales strategies that are effective and support them in their day to day sales role.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Flesh out the steps in their typical sales process
  • Discuss the key challenges they face in today’s market
  • Plan & prepare for meeting the prospect face to face
  • Take part in a productive sales meeting with a prospect 
  • Focus on closing the sale and moving things forward

Participants will receive handouts to enable recording of notes from the exercises and tasks completed and will have the opportunity to discuss and explore issues relating to the content and the ways in which they have encountered these issues in their work.

There will be the opportunity over the training to allow participants to experience “real” situations and scenarios to transfer the theory of the course into practice.

Course Content

Module 1: Sales Skills Workshop

    • Steps in the Sales Process
    • Preparation for meeting the client face to face
    • Research
      • Identify areas to create  a positive impact
      • Prepare questions to ask prospect to understand needs
      • Plan the meeting outcome
      • Know who they are meeting
      • Preparing their product presentation
    • Meeting with the Sales Prospect
      • Introduction
      • Asking questions
      • Summarising
      • Presenting the solution
      • Trial-close
      • Handling objections
      • Closing the deal
    • Following Up
    • Tips for Sales Proposals


Who is the workshop intended for?

This programme is aimed at Sales staff who are looking to build their confidence and skills in selling both by phone and face to face.

How is this Workshop delivered?

This is a tutor-led 2 full day workshop.

How will I be assessed?

On completion of the course, students are required to complete an end of course learner’s assessment.


Each participant will receive a CPD certified certificate on successfully completing the course.

Benefits of Sales Skills Training

At the end of the programme, participants will have increased confidence in understanding their client’s needs, a better understanding of the sales process increasing their ability to close the sale.

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