Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Develop the skills you need to perform your own job better and to contribute more effectively to your financial management team.

About Course

This course has been designed to provide Managers with an understanding of the role of finance in planning and decision making. It will assist non-financial managers in communicating more affectively with the finance department and provide a firm grasp on the fundamentals of finance.

The course will provide learners with an understanding of the role of finance in business in terms of financial accounting, financial statements, balance sheets, cash flow and liquidity, capital expenditure, margin enhancement, costs and cost behavior and budget control.

This course will give you greater understanding of how finances influence your organisation’s strategy, structure, people and systems.

Who is this training course intended for?

This course is ideal for professionals from non-financial backgrounds in leadership positions who are responsible for dealing with financial information and budgets, or are aspiring to a position which requires you to do so.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course learners will be able to:

  • Recognize the differences among and uses of: the income statement, the balance sheet, and a statement of cash flow
  • Explain the concepts of margin management
  • Consider the financial implications of shrink management and stock management
  • Evaluate the key drivers of effective financial management/sales performance within a retailing outlet
  • Judge how to optimise staff costs

Course Content

  • Accounting principles & financial statements
  • Business activities involving accounting
  • The accounting cycle
  • The accounting equation
  • Accounts analysis using ratios
  • Using and managing cash flows
  • The impact of sales margins and promotions
  • Budgeting for the future
  • Overview of auditing and some auditing requirements

Course Delivery Method

This course is delivered through a workshop that introduces theory which is then supported and developed through reflection, discussion and activity.

The workshop can be delivered via instructor-led traditional classroom, on-site and in-house or online live virtual classroom – you choose.

This programme can be customised and tailored for in-house delivery and incorporate reference to your particular organisations policy, procedures, practices and documentation. Please contact us if you would like further information about customised training.

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