Safety Statement Training

Provides managers, and those responsible for health and safety, with the knowledge and skills to review and update the company safety statement.

About Course

It is a legal requirement under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 to identify workplace hazards, carry out risk assessments and prepare a safety statement.

The safety statement outlines the company’s commitment to its legal responsibilities and specifies how the safety and health of all employees will be managed and secured.

This course guides participants through the content of the safety statement including the identification of responsible persons, hazard identification and risk assessment and the implementation of protective and preventive measures to ensure the wellbeing of employees, and others, in the workplace.

Completion of the training will equip learners with a renewed confidence when addressing health and safety issues in their own work environment. This course will assist management in meeting their legal responsibilities under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

This course is highly interactive and provides participants with the opportunity to seek advice on the content of their safety statement and to receive guidance on complying with their legal obligations.

Who is this training course intended for?

The course is suitable for managers, supervisors, the self-employed and those responsible for health and safety within the workplace.  It is beneficial to those who are new to health and safety as well as participants who have previous experience and wish to upskill to ensure legal compliance.

No previous training is required to complete the course as a step by step approach is taken when applying risk assessment principles to the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • List the benefits of health and safety procedures in the workplace
  • Identify the health and safety legislation relevant to safety statements
  • Outline the content of a safety statement
  • Describe the content of a health and safety policy
  • Recognise safe working procedures in the workplace
  • Outline the risk assessment process
  • Describe methods of controlling workplace hazards
  • Recognise when a safety statement needs to be reviewed and updated

Course Content

Unit 1: Introduction to Health & Safety
  • What is health and safety?
  • Benefits of health and safety
  • Workplace injuries and fatalities
  • Reasons to manage health and safety
  • Consequences of poor health and safety
Unit 2: Health & Safety Legislation
  • Current workplace legislation
  • Responsibilities of the employer
  • Responsibilities of the employee
  • Legal requirement for safety statement
Unit 3: Content of Safety Statement
  • Health and safety policy
  • Safe working procedures
  • Risk assessments
  • Update and review of the safety statement
Unit 4: Risk Assessment Process
  • What is a hazard?
  • What is risk?
  • Common workplace hazards
  • Risk assessment process
  • Risk assessment matrix
  • Reducing the risk
  • Hierarchy of control
  • Review and update
Unit 5: Practical Application
  • Risk assessment template
  • Specific work hazards
  • Practical session on completion of risk assessments

Course Delivery Method

This course is delivered through a workshop that introduces theory which is then supported and developed through reflection, discussion and activity.

The workshop can be delivered via instructor-led traditional classroom, on-site and in-house or online live virtual classroom – you choose.

This programme can be customised and tailored for in-house delivery and incorporate reference to your particular organisations policy, procedures, practices and documentation. Please contact us if you would like further information about customised training.

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